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Concept Development

We generate ideas keeping in mind our client’s needs and ensure how the client wants a product or service to be perceived in the market.

Branding Services

Parrot offers distinctive designs in branding by promoting a particular product through creatively coming up with…

Event Planning

As a marketing agency we engage in the application of project management to the creation and development of events such as festivals…

Experiential Marketing

Our team brings brands to life via experiences and forming long term emotional connections. These campaigns take many forms which are…


The Three Companies


Parrot Universal Sounds

Events Management and planning

We pride in offering tailer made marketing solutions to our clients.


Parrot Concepts

Concept development

Involves the application of the structure and methods of experimental science to the challenge of developing future military capability. CD&E is a forward-looking process for developing and evaluating new concepts, before committing extensive resources.


Parrot Eye Marketing

Top marketing solutions

Engaging clients helping them deliver innovative, professional, web-based solutions ensuring businesses stay connected with customers and partners at all times.